DVIDS - News - From the port to the fort: 841st Transportation Battalion



Joint Base Charleston has a variety of different missions executed by every military branch. The 841st Transportation Battalion is one Army unit that works closely with Joint Base Charleston to support the warfighter and help deliver cargo to wherever it needs to go. Specifically for this mission, U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Will Twigg, a reservist assigned to the 841st Transportation Battalion, verifies equipment as it comes off the cargo vessel and ensures that it is staged in the appropriate areas for easy port clearance. Were the ones that are doing the tallying and receiving of tally sheets which allows us to reconcile the accounts, and make sure that all documentation is in order to execute a download or upload, said Twigg. Port clearance is the final phase in which the 841st TB has 10 business days to get the cargo cleared from Joint Base Charlestons Naval Weapons Station TC dock.In June, the battalion alone moved over 4,000 pieces of cargo in 30 days. Its a phenomenal amount of work that was put in by not only military green suitors, but also by Department of the Army civilian employees that work very hard here, said Twigg. It is essential that all the work done by the battalion is efficient and orderly. For U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Blake Interdonato, a reservist assigned to the 841st Transportation Battalion, this rings true. We deliver the best product that we can to that unit, said Interdonato. I....

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