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Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) issued recommendations for owners, managers and agents to adopt additional precautionary measures when carrying out crew changes on Singapore-registered ships.To say that its outrageous, is to say nothing. Its humiliating, its abusing basic human rights, its after all, humanly impossible to follow, if ones a human, not a transhuman semi-robot they (globalists) want us to be. What it is, instructions for wardens of maximum security prison containing extremely dangerous criminals? Instructions for future GULAG guards? A man is about to leave his family, wife, siblings, parents probably, for at least 6-month period, to be secluded on a ship without possibility even to walk on pier when in port. A man is to be confined for 6 and more months in a steel cage. And he cant, mustnt interact with his family, during last days of his leave? Seamans job presently, is much more dangerous than it ever was during last decades, many thanks to IISPS, pandemic, piracy, growing drug trafficking, etc. And seaman cant embrace and kiss his wife and his children, before he goes into unknown and unpredictable future?Something is deadly wrong with all the authorities of nearly all nations, including maritime authorities.Watch video below, to appreciate real threats of that Wuhan-Chinese-COVID-Gates deadly virus.SIGNING-ON CREWIsolation periodDue to the incubation period of the COVID-19, signing-on crew is recommended to observe a 14-day isolation period....

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