Fairbanks Morse engines for US Navy's ESB 6 - MLF - Military Logistics

Fairbanks Morse has been awarded a contract to build and deliver the four main propulsion diesel engines (MPDE) for the sixth ship in the US Navys Expeditionary Transfer Dock/Expeditionary Sea Base (ESB) programme.

The company will deliver four FM MAN 6L48/60 Common Rail (CR) engines, each rated at 6,480kW and able to deliver a total of 25,920 kW of installed power. The CR system technology uses a common high-pressure fuel header, high-pressure pumps, electronically controlled fuel delivery, electronic governing system, and a new control system to deliver a precise amount of fuel throughout all engine operations. The technology will deliver improved specific fuel consumption at all operating points.

ESB 6 is being construct....

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