Greek tanker not to blame for Brazil oil spill: operator

Athens (AFP)

The operators of a Greek-flagged tanker considered the "prime suspect" for a series of oil spills along the Brazilian coast in the past two months denied Saturday that the vessel was to blame.

"There is no proof of the vessel having stopped, conducted any kind of STS operation (Ship to Ship), leaked, slowed down or veered off course, on its passage from Venezuela to Melaka, Malaysia," the company Delta Tankers Ltd said in a statement.

The Athens-based company said that it had conducted "a full search of the material from the cameras and sensors that all (our) vessels carry as part of (our) safety and environmental policies".

And as reported in an initial statement on Friday, the vessel -- which the company named as "Bouboulina" -- "sailed from Venezuela in laden condition on July 19, 2019, heading directly, with no stops at other ports, for Melaka, Malaysia, where she discharged her entire cargo without any shortage".

Delta Tankers said it was ready to hand over the result of its internal investigation into the voyage to the Brazilian authorities "which have so far not made contact with us".

Earlier, the Greek authorities had told AFP that a Greek ship was one of five vessels suspected in oil spills that began appearing along 2,000-kilometres (1,200 miles) of Brazil's northeastern Atlantic coast in early September.

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