IMX Panel Looks At Subchapter M Lessons Learned - The Waterways Journal

A team of regulatory experts from across the maritime industry gathered for the virtual Inland Marine Expo 2020 to discuss lessons learned over the first two years of Subchapter M. Caitlyn Stewart, senior director of regulatory affairs for The American Waterways Operators (AWO) moderated the panel, which included Mary McCarthy, director of safety and quality systems for Canal Barge Company; Robert Keister, vice president of Sabine Surveyors; Capt. Tracy Phillips, chief of prevention for the U.S. Coast Guard Eighth District; and Tava Foret, president and co-founder of Towing Vessel Inspection Bureau (TVIB).

Phillips spoke first, leading with a status update for the four-year phase-in period for vessels to receive a certificate of inspection (COI) under Subchapter M. Just over halfway through the phase-in period, 44.3 percent of vessels throughout the countrys inland waterways have received COIs, while 44.1 percent of vessels within the District Eight area of responsibility have received the document.

That is under 50 percent, where we shouldve been in July of this year, Phillips said. So were working on getting those numbers up to the 50 percent mark.

Phillips said the total fleet size was just under 5,300 vessels. Of the 1,615 vessels that have received COIs within District Eight, 76 percent did so under the towing safety management system (TSMS), or with a third-party organization (TPO) of Subchapter M, while just 24 percent opted for the Coast Guard to conduct all audits and i....

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