Jokowi needs to implement strategic moves to transform Indonesia's ambition as a maritime power. Her

Author: Yety Rochwulaningsih

(MENAFN - The Conversation) It has been five years since Indonesia's president Joko Widodo announced his vision to make Indonesia a global maritime power. Under a'global maritime fulcrum' doctrinehe hoped to speed up the country's efforts to integrate land and sea resources to increase the country's welfare. However, not much progress has been made.

It's important for the nation to improve connectivity between its islands, to close the inequality gap between Java and other islands. Additionally, without power over its seas and influence over surrounding areas Indonesia risks of being a target of global capitalism expansion and exploitation.

Researchthat I did with my colleagues, published in Marine Policy in October 2019, looked at why the Indonesian government has failed to develop the country as maritime state.

We found that the government focused more on building things, such as roads, bridges, ports, but neglected supporting people and businesses to increase their productivity to produce goods and services.

Indonesia's sea tolls development to support its global maritime fulcrum ambition.Source :

To get back on track towards becoming a maritime power, Indonesia should revitalise its maritime culture, which historically had been practised by ancient kingdoms in Java and Sumatra.

Indonesia should develop maritime technology and integrate land- and sea-based economies. The first would i....

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