MPSV07 salvage vessel "Spasatel Zaborschikov" successfully passes acceptance trials (photo release)

The M/V "Spasatel Zaborschikov”, built at Nevsky Shipyard, has successfully completed acceptance testing on December 17, 2013, the shipbuilding company said Tuesday in a media release.  

The M/V Spasatel Zaborschikov (Rescuer Zaborschikov) is third in a series of multipurpose 4MW salvage vessels of project MPSV07, under construction at the Nevsky dock. The series design was developed by Marine Engineering Bureau-Design-St. Petersburg.

General characteristics: LOA - about 73 m, DWL breadth - 15.5 m, Max. draft  - 5.1 m, Max. draft DWT - about 1171 tonnes, Speed - 15 knots.

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Class - KM Arc 5  1 AUT1-ICS OMBO FF3WS DYNPOS-2 EPP Salvage ship.The series ships are intended for patrol and rescue duty in the areas of shipping, fishing, offshore oil and gas fields; technical support and assistance in areas dangerous for shipping and production of seafood, for port services.The MPSV07 series vessels are designed for search and salvage of stricken ships, to conduct rescue and evacuation of people; refloating of stranded ships, pumping of water from flooded compartments, for towing of stricken vessels to shelter, for sea towing of vessels and floating facilities and structures in ice and open water, assistance to vessels and rescue operations in ice conditions and open water. The salvage ships features firefighting capabilities to extinguish fires on floating and onshore facilities, accessible from the sea. The MPSV07 ships can operate as a Diving Suppor....

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