Piracy on PH waters could affect crew change plans – The Manila Times

A recent increase in theft, robbery, and piracy on board ships in the ports of Manila and Batangas could possibly derail the countrys plan to become a major crew change hub.

This was the statement made by one of the industrys manning leaders following a report made by the Singapore Navys Information Fusion Centre (IFC) that two sea robberies, six thefts, and two attempts at piracy from January to August 2020 were recorded in Manila and Batangas bays.

The IFC stated that seven incidents involving anchored vessels were observed in Manila Bay, all occurring between 10 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. In all incidents, only small items were reported stolen without any damage to the vessels, the report, as published by maritime news website Safety4Sea, said. It added that one incident while involving an armed perpetrator caused no harm to the crew.

Meanwhile, three incidents were reported in Batangas Bay, all committed by men armed with knives. One case involved a crew harmed by the perpetrators. The suspects in all these three incidents were observed to be confrontational.

The piracy in Somalia and Nigeria started just like that until it became a big-time business.

Our government must consider the safety of the seafarers and protecting our anchorages before it blows up and become an organized syndicate that will put our efforts of creating Green Lane into waste, Edgardo Flores, a seasoned ship captain, and general manager of Greek-owned Eastern Mediterranean Manning Agency said in reference to the ....

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