Reviews and Snmippets November 2001

Reviews and Snmippets November 2001
British Deaf History Society  -  recently took part in an exhibition at The Forum, Greenwich (Christ Church).  They have a range of publications – not industrial but interesting, nevertheless. 
The Woolwich Ferry – John Burns – is named after the south London politician.  One of our members has pointed out that there is a talk about John Burns at the Wandsworth Borough Museum 


Ted Barr has been kind enough to send us a photocopy of a Merryweather’s catalogue from the 1880s  - over 100 pages and its difficult to know where to start.  It describes many of their fire and steam engines, who bought them and what they were used for – this is going to have to be another serial!  Must be careful too since on the front it says ‘Proceedings will be taken against any person pirating this catalogue’.
Merryweather's were fire engine manufacturers based in Greenwich High Road – the factory is still there, used as a trading estate – behind an art deco frontage.  But it is likely soon to be the subject of a planning application for demolition.  The Company had originally been in business in Long Acre in London – and claimed in the 1880s to have been established ‘upwards of 200 years ‘, So, clearly they didn’t start with making steam fire engines!
So – leaving the formalities for now – let us take an engine at random.  On page 18 is illustrated ‘The Conqueror’ ‘Admiralty Pattern Patent Double Cylinder Steam Fire Engine.  The first of th....
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