Spotlight on Iran (June 23, 2022 July 7, 2022)

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  • On July 2, the Iranian minister of foreign affairs arrived for a visit in Syria and met with senior regime officials, chief among them President Assad. The visit occurred against the backdrop of growing concerns in Damascus and Tehran due to a possible Turkish incursion in northern Syria. Prior to his visit to Damascus, the Iranian minister of foreign affairs traveled to Ankara and met with the Turkish president and Turkish minister of foreign affairs and declared that Iran supports a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria and opposes any military action in its territory. During his visit to Damascus, the Iranian minister of foreign affairs condemned the ongoing Israeli strikes in Syria and stressed his countrys commitment to continue supporting Syria. He also met with the chiefs of Palestinian factions based in Damascus.
  • In early July, another Iranian oil tanker arrived at Syrias shores. In mid-June, two Iranian tankers docked off Syrias coast following an agreement reached during the visit of President Assad to Tehran in May 2022 concerning the Iranian credit line to Syria. This agreement allowed for the resumption of the supply of oil from Iran to Syria.
  • On June 26, the Iraqi prime minister arrived for a visit in Tehran as part of his effort to resume the Iranian-Saudi rapprochement talks. In his meeting with the prime minister, the Iranian President Raisi stated that his country strives to expand its ties with Saudi Arabia. Raisi also condemned....
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