Suspected migrants detained at Belgian port where container was shipped from

Suspected migrants detained at Belgian port where container was shipped from

A group of suspected migrants has been detained in Zeebrugge a day after 39 people were found dead inside a container shipped from the Belgian port.

Some of them were seen trying to climb a fence into a compound attached to a trucking company before they were intercepted by police on a busy road.

A group of eight men was then taken away after three vans arrived on the scene this morning.

Lorry drivers nearby told of their constant battle to stop migrants determined to hitch a ride on their vehicles in a bid to cross the Channel.

One had been close to the scene where the bodies of 39 Chinese people were discovered in a refrigerated trailer in Grays, Essex, yesterday shortly after it was picked up at Purfleet.

I was at the butty van that morning when it happened. I pulled around the corner from it and there was a Scania truck and a police car next to it, said the driver, who is from Yorkshire.

I feel sorry for them, they must be desperate. But anyone locked in the back of a fridge, youre asking for trouble.

Another driver, who is also from Yorkshire, said migrants trying to get on board their lorries happens on a regular basis, with security a large part of the job.

Youre expected to be on 24-hour duty, he said.

As a driver, you can only do so much to be fair.

Two weeks ago me and another driver pulled up together. We heard them getting in the back, about 20 moving around.

We pulled seven out of his trailer and four out of mine.

It happens on a regular basis.

Another driver added: I got sto....

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