The 'King of Cruising' and the Princess Patricia By DAVE KIFFER

jpg Stanley B. McDonald

The 'King of Cruising' and the Princess Patricia

Stanley McDonald got the idea for Pacific cruising at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair


April 01, 2020Wednesday PM

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - It isn’t often that an entire industry can be pegged to the creative drive of one person. But while there were “cruise ships” before Stanley McDonald took a small Canadian steam ship and began making runs between Los Angeles and Mexico in 1965, there is a reasonable argument that the $134 billion cruise industry would not be where it is today without him.

Stanley B. Creative Commons

McDonald was born in Alberta, Canada in 1920. He was raised in Yakima, Washington. Eventually, he ended up in Seattle and attended the University of Washington. During World War II he became a US Navy pilot.

After the war, he founded a company called Air Mac, a Northwest company that specialized in material handling equipment. The company expanded with offices in numerous foreign companies and was eventually purchased by Hertz.

In the early 1960s, McDonald was one of the executives in charge of making the 1962 World’s Fair happen. One of his tasks was developing enough visitor housing in the city, which was taking its first steps from being a regional hub to be an international destination.

McDonald realized that Seattle was lacking in visitor accommodations and came up with the idea of renting several small cruise industry ships from the....

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